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Carol Milgard Breast Center celebrates its second anniversary!

TACOMA, Wash.—February 23, 2011 marks the second anniversary of the Carol Milgard Breast Center. With the support and funding from the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation, the three largest community providers of breast imaging services — Multicare Health System, CHI Franciscan Health System, and TRA Medical Imaging — collaborated to develop the most patient centered, high quality, state of the art, and comprehensive community-based breast health center.

Every day the center is helping women in our community with the early detection of breast disease. To date, the breast center has provided over 165,000 breast health exams with many of these exams provided to the underserved community populations. Congratulations to everyone involved with making the Carol Milgard Breast Center such a valuable asset to the women throughout our community!

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