We apologize for the long hold times. Please schedule your appointment using your MyChart account. Screening mammogram appointments currently booking into August 2023.

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health Providers

Patient Results

  • Your patients’ results will be provided to your location by inbasket when you use the interface. Please let us know if you are not getting your results by contacting our CMBC Provider Response Team at cmbcprt@tranow.com.
  • If you need historical reports from CMBC prior to 5/1/17, please visit https://portal.tranow.com or look in Epic.

Diagnostic Orders

  • Instead of calling to place an order, please place the order in Epic. You will notice a new choice for an order class, (CMBC) for all breast-related exams. Before we can schedule any exam for your patient, we must have an order. This does not include screening mammograms but will include diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasound, MRI breast, DEXA and invasive studies. Please refer to the next sheet for instructions on how to place a diagnostic order with our breast center.
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