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You are not alone in this journey. Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be frightening and confusing. It is easy to feel lost in a world of unfamiliar medical terms and procedures. Questions about diagnosis, treatment options, how to pay for treatment and procedures, and quality of life can cause significant stress. Sometimes you may not even know where to begin or what questions to ask.

At the Carol Milgard Breast Center, we work as a team with area physicians and health care providers who provide breast cancer patients with education and treatment options.

Make time to share your feelings with others such as friends, family, counselors, social workers, health care providers and other supporters. They can be there to listen to your concerns, share their experiences and help you make decisions regarding your treatment. They can help in many ways as you go through your diagnosis, treatment and beyond. Many people also find strength in their spirituality and faith.

Helpful Resources

You may download this informational PDF provided by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, which includes a basic overview of breast cancer, common terminology and a list of questions to discuss with your doctor.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation also provides a free, comprehensive, online guide to understanding breast cancer for women who have been diagnosed.

Learn more information on support groups, local and national resources

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