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Board of Directors

Ex Officio Board Members

  • David O’Brien, M.D., MultiCare’s CEO Designee
  • Kerry Shannon, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s CEO Designee
  • Leanne Noren, Executive Director, Carol Milgard Breast Center

Board Members

  • Clyde Addison, MD, MultiCare Health System
  • Sue Black, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health
  • Sally B. Leighton, MultiCare Health System
  • Sr. Anne L. McNamara, OSF, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health
  • Peter A. Norman, Milgard Family Foundations
  • George Pilant, MultiCare Health System
  • Clemencia Castro-Woolery, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health
  • Laurie Brown, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health
  • Deedra Smith Walkey, MultiCare Health System (Chair)
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