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CMBC Alliance

The Carol Milgard Breast Center is excited to introduce our CMBC Alliance. This incredible group of volunteers is dedicated to raising funds to provide screening mammograms for underserved men and women in our community.

CMBC Alliance Members

  • Ginny Douglas (Chair)
  • Ann Johnson
  • Bonnie Gebhart
  • Jeana Nyland
  • Karyn Derby
  • Kirsten Jones
  • Paige Titus
  • Pam Bergman
  • Randi Powell-Johnson
  • Sue Black
  • Tracy Jones
  • Tracy Tedesco
  • Wendy Stricherz

Make a Donation

Over $128,000 was raised at the 2022 luncheon. That is enough to support all of the patients who attended our June community screening mammogram event!

The thought of the diagnosis of breast cancer, or even the process of testing for breast cancer, is frightening, isolating, and overwhelming. Often, patients feel worry, stress, anxiety, and powerlessness when coming in for their appointment. A person’s financial situation should not be a barrier for receiving the potentially life-saving care they need. The Community Mammogram Screening Events Program at the Carol Milgard Breast Center began as a way to welcome women who are at risk of having a higher mortality rate from breast cancer. Oftentimes, the women who attend our Community Screening Events are uninsured or underinsured and low income. The events complement our outreach efforts by providing financial assistance for women who need breast imaging.

To help support our efforts in providing screening mammograms to underserved patients, you can make a donation.

Mammograms Save Lives Luncheon

CMBC Alliance 24

Registration is open! Please visit cmbcalliance.org to purchase tickets.

If you are interested in joining the CMBC Alliance as a volunteer, please contact Ginny Douglas at ginnydouglas@comcast.net.

2022 Mammograms Save Lives memories

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