CMBC Alliance

The Carol Milgard Breast Center is excited to introduce our CMBC Alliance. This incredible group of volunteers is dedicated to raising funds to provide screening mammograms for underserved men and women in our community.

CMBC Alliance Members

  • Pam Bergman
  • Sue Black
  • Karyn Derby
  • Ginny Douglas (Chair)
  • Ann Johnson
  • Tracy Jones
  • Jeana Nyland
  • Randi Powell-Johnson
  • Paige Titus

Make a Donation

To help support our efforts in providing screening mammograms to underserved patients, you can make a donation.

Mammograms Save Lives Luncheon

To purchase your tickets to the luncheon, visit

For more information about the CMBC Alliance

If you are interested in joining the CMBC Alliance as a volunteer, please contact Ginny Douglas at

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