We apologize for the long hold times and encourage using MyChart. We are currently booking screening mammograms into November 2024. For more info click below on schedule exam.

Contact Our Team

Our staff and radiologists work closely with other area physicians and welcome your inquiries and calls about referrals, images or reports.

To speak with a staff member at our breast center, please call 253.759.2622 and follow the prompts.

  • Schedule or confirm a Mammogram, Ultrasound or Bone Density appointment: please press 1
  • Schedule a biopsy: press 2
  • If you are a provider calling to speak with a CMBC radiologist: press 3
  • Schedule an MRI appointment, press 4
  • If you’ve received a call from our coordinators for additional imaging: press 5
  • Nurse practitioner: press 6
  • Medical records: press 7

For our billing department press 8  253-680-3565

Important Contacts at CMBC

Bridging Care ARNP: 253.301.6603
Bridging Care MA: 253.301.6602
Biopsy Coordinator: 253.301.6600
Financial Aid Coordinator: 253.301.6616
Marketing: 253.301.6555
MRI Scheduling: 253.301.6619

Important Fax Numbers at CMBC

Biopsy Coordinator: 253.759.4196
Clinical Coordinator: 253.759.4272
CMBC Scheduling: 253.572.4324
Marketing: 253.759.0168
Medical Records: 253.759.4296

Carol Milgard Breast Center radiologists are part of TRA Medical Imaging and are board-certified physicians who specialize in breast imaging. There are four radiologists on site at the breast center every weekday.

If you have any urgent issues, you can also reach our CMBC Provider Response Team at cmbcprt@tranow.com.


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