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Early Detection is Key

Breast cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in women, affecting one in every eight women in the U.S. The goal of screening exams for early breast cancer detection is to identify breast abnormalities as early as possible. If breast cancer is found early, there are more treatment options and a better chance for survival. Women whose breast cancer is detected at an early stage have a 93 percent or higher survival rate in the first five years.

So the Carol Milgard Breast Center and TRA Medical Imaging advise women to get screening mammograms every year starting at age 40.

Breast cancers that are found because they are causing symptoms tend to be larger and more advanced. In contrast, breast cancers found during screening exams are more likely to be smaller and still confined to the breast. The size of a breast cancer and how far it has spread are two of the most important factors in predicting the prognosis or outlook of a woman with the disease.

A mammogram can find breast cancer before it can be felt. While it is the best screening tool we have, it is not perfect. When mammography is combined with clinical breast exams and breast self-exams, your chances for finding cancer are even greater. Getting checked regularly can put your mind at ease. Finding cancer early may also save your life.

 Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Learn more about breast cancer screening guidelines here.

Learn More About Mammography

Learn about our Digital Mammography services or Schedule Your Exam today. Don’t wait — especially if you’re 40 or over and it’s been over a year since you’ve had a mammogram or if you have a breast lump or pain.

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Learn more about early detection of breast cancer, risk factors and signs and symptoms.

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