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Breast Center honors the Carol Milgard Breast Health Society with a donor wall unveiling celebration

TACOMA, Wash.—The Carol Milgard Breast Center, a hospital partnership between the MultiCare Health System and Franciscan Health System recently honored the founding donors of the Carol Milgard Breast Health Society with a celebratory donor wall unveiling.

The donor wall, located within the Carol Milgard Breast Center, was introduced to the founding donors in the company of the Breast Center’s executives, medical staff and many supporters. The forty-two member Health Society’s goal of supporting over 200 screening mammograms for Tacoma’s underserved women has been accomplished since the opening of the Carol Milgard Breast Center in February 2009. Both the Society and the Breast Center bear the name of the benefactor, Carol Milgard, who was known in the local community for her unwavering community service and support.

Carol Milgard Breast Center Board Member and prominent business leader, Mr. Peter Norman, explained, “Upon the opening of the breast center, the Board made a promise to the community to provide all women access to exceptional breast health services regardless of their ability to pay. Our board members realize this promise every time a screening event for underserved women is provided at the Carol Milgard Breast Center. As a result of this tremendous funding support, more than six mammography screening events for underserved women have occurred in the past two years. The Y2011 goal is to provide at least 250 screening mammography exams to those women in our community who would otherwise not receive them.”

Khai Tran, M.D., Medical Director of the Carol Milgard Breast Center explains the common goal in more detail. “The Carol Milgard Breast Center partners, business leaders and medical staff began this landmark journey a little more than two years ago. The collaborative goal was to elevate the standard of breast health services for our underserved community above and beyond any other. We sincerely honor the Breast Health Society founders who have and will continue to contribute their support to the center because, without these dedicated individuals, the Carol Milgard Breast Center’s mission would not be possible.”

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